OHI New Year Party

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Time: 2017-01-26
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On January 23 ~ 24, 2017,all the staffs of Organic Herb Inc (OHI) grandly held 2016 annual work summary and 2017 Chinese New Year Party in Ningxiang Zilongwan Spa Resort in Changsha .The Chinese new year is also called the Spring Festival is a traditional custom for the Chinese people,it smbolizes an auspicious and bright prospect for the next year.During this 2 days gathering,all the staff menber as well as the chairman of OHI, Liu Xirong, spent a happy and memorable time together.


On the 2016 annual work summary, Mr Liu Xirong summarized the company's 2016 annual achieved excellent results, pointed out the problems existing in the company and the insufficiency, deployed in 2017, the company focus on work. Annual meeting also recognize the outstanding achievements of advanced individual in 2015 work and the outstanding project manager.

The whole event lasted for 2 days, each department has arranged brilliant performance program. The 2017 Chinese New Year Party was packed with show performances, games, lottery and advanced recognition, such as the advanced unit and advanced individual were awarded trophies and bonus.